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Accredited. Pastured. Free Range Eggs.

Happy hens producing genuine, pastured, Free Range Eggs in the beautiful green hills of the South Gippsland ranges in Victoria.

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Which came first?

The chicken or the egg?

The beautiful, humble chicken of course!

So when you crack open an egg from Glorious Googies and revel in its yummyness, you can be assured the hens living on our farm are happy and free.

Our girls feast all day long on fresh green grass and specially selected grains with no artificial colours, additives, chemicals or animal proteins added whatsoever.

Our beautiful girls are NOT DE-BEAKED so they can feed and forage naturally. They are free to run, flap, squawk, sit, play or dust bathe on our beautiful Korumburra hills and do what chickens do best. This means that the eggs we produce are the tastiest, freshest and happiest around.




The most Glorious Googies you’ll ever experience- Enjoy!

Farmer- Emma Brown and The Girls.